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Deadlines for Exhibition

1 April 2019 :

Exhibitor Profile:
An email including username and password for entrance to the system of registration will be
sent to the email which declared by the companies for completing registration.
Notice: The declared email should be accurate and without any mistake.
Exhibitor Profile includes following items that should be completed by deadline.
- Rules and Regulation form: This form should be signed and stamped by the companies.
- Exhibitor information: Filling information in each field is mandatory. Please pay attention
that all of these information which you submitted here will show in exhibition directory,
website, multimedia CD and mobile application and you are responsible for any information
which you provided.
- Exhibitor badges:
Iranian personnel: Colored photo; size 3*4, less than 150 dpi, without tie and with hijab for ladies
Foreign personnel: Colored scan of passports less than 250 KB
- Fascia Board: This part should be filled by companies which reserved shell scheme stands.
It should be maximum 30 characters.
- Hotel and accommodation: Please download the form and fill it and then upload it on the
- Invitation letter: Exhibition organizing office is able to supply you a formal invitation letter
to apply your visa locally in your country before traveling. Invitation letter is free of charge.
We would only need your scan copy of your passport to prepare it.
- Visa Request Form: We will get visa for clients who ordered Travel Package only. You need to
fill out Visa Request Form with your precise information and send to exhibition organizing
office to proceed with visa issuance. An authorized approval letter by The Ministry of
Foreign Affairs will be forwarded to the Iran Embassy Consulate in your country.
You will be given an approval code to collect your visa from Iran Embassy.
To start the above procedure, it is necessary to have passport copies
and filled out Visa Request Form.

10 April 2019:
- Introducing the local stand contractor

15 April 2019:
- Sending Catalogue Advertisement Designs
- Ordering Event Advertisement in Fairground
- Ordering Additional Exhibition Services

20 April 2019:
- Technical Approval from organizer